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As a Speaker:

Zondra is a captivating, compelling force on the platform, arming her audiences with current, creative and practical ideas for increasing leadership skills and personal growth. Zondra’s revitalizing messages makes her the inspired choice for memorable and entertaining, seminars, lunches, and partner programs. She offers a dynamic mix of message and realism, interspersing concrete solutions and street-smart insights.

As a Life Coach:

Zondra has experienced many life transitions that have taught her that it is not what happens in life, but more importantly “How you respond”. She’s a Professional Life, Leadership, and Transition Coach. Helping people develop goals and strategies to achieve their personal dreams and life aspirations. Zondra has had personal Life Coaching on the receiving end as she explains here: “I have always been the type of person to work everything out on my own, however I had the opportunity to meet with a Life Coach for three months. This was such an amazing experience that help me solidify in my mind my true purpose and that the blocks that I was experiencing “were only in my head” Life coaching helped me feel extremely confident and more in control of my destiny by establishing a new mindset on how to address perceived barriers to my success.”

As a Leadership Coach:

Zondra has over 40 years’ experience working in corporate environments in various leadership roles. She has an extensive background in Human Resource Management and Relationship Development. Her focus is to help women leaders and aspiring leaders earn a voice at the corporate table by better understanding energy and how to leverage that energy in support of a desired career path and helping women build the necessary skills to be a respected leader. Whether you are a leader or not, its mission critical that you learn the power of accessing your potential and delivering your cohorts the authentic, genuine YOU!

As a Business Mentor:

After working in Corporate America it’s quite different from starting and owning your own business. In fact, leaping into business for yourself can be sobering as you navigate through unchartered territory. Zondra knows that having a business is a tough journey and often we feel by ourselves. She helps Small Business Owners work through the fear and potential anxiety associated with working for themselves. As your confidential thought and accountability partner, you can work through the risk factors together and develop the appropriate strategies to increase your success.